Adroverse: The First Metaverse With NFT Gameplay

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Adroverse: The First Metaverse With NFT Gameplay

The GameFi sector has been one of the most talked-about and booming industries in the last 12 months, preceding the popularity of the metaverse and Web 3.0 based applications. But, most companies and platforms have not been able to take concrete steps in adapting these technologies into their gameplay.

With this new metaverse project, we may be beginning to see a shift with the NFT use cases in games since Adroverse’s metaverse game is building a decentralized MetaFi game that uses blockchain technology and NFTs as the lifeblood of this platform. With the metaverse’ token launch coming up on Valentine’s Day, can this be the best buying opportunity for long-term growth and profits in 2022? Let’s find out.

What is the Adroverse?

Adroverse is a project that plans to build a decentralized metaverse from scratch. Unlike other projects, Adroverse will be building its game on top of a layer of multi-chain networks including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). From then on, the project is expected to evolve using economic governance frameworks that will add to the sustainability of this decentralized project, through a token drop that will be taking place on February 14, 2022.

The creators of Adroverse, including CEO, Daniel Duong, and CTO, Markus Phan, have expressed their desire for making the Adroverse a comprehensive gaming platform, that gives users the opportunities to indulge in Play-to-earn contests, earn monetary rewards, buy and sell NFTs within the game and more.


The game economics and the opportunity to earn crypto and NFT rewards are exciting in themselves, but Adroverse wants to develop a fully-fledged fantasy game that has the potential to become mainstream. The story is set in the 3000s on the Adroverse galaxy, which is on the brink of collapse. Gamers will be playing the role of the last remaining survivors in this dystopian future, where they will be exploiting resources, fighting off and overcoming obstacles and rebuilding the economic and social foundations of the world.

The creators of Adroverse shared details about the game via their Twitter.

Ways to earn

Adroverse is already enticing viewers by incentivizing various economic benefits through their metaverse project. Other than staking & contributing which is a basic feature on any GameFi project, the Adroverse will allow players to create their own content, provide various incentives and even dish out free NFT rewards.

But the biggest unique selling point of Adroverse is that it is not simply terming the game as a metaverse project by involving the slightest touch of NFTs and blockchain technology. The creators have mentioned that they want to focus on building a crowd economy model and design the world’s first-ever NFT system that brings these tokens to life. While the possibilities of what can happen are endless, using your purchased NFTs as 3-D avatars in the metaverse will be a ground-breaking development.

This will greatly enhance the tokens efficiency and use-case and attract more interested gamers and investors to the mix.

Furthermore, the Adroverse will host three main types of games — each of which combines an important economic element that adds to the decentralised economy that they are trying to create.

The first game period is the era of revival, which is set right after the collapse of the galaxy. While the fantasy quest requires players to focus on rescue missions and assemble warriors, the economic activities will be used to enhance the technology that will progress the game. This area will also be developing a next-generation NFT strategy that is expected to create real gaming use cases for the popular digital assets.

The other quest includes the era of regeneration, which hosts various economic areas inspired by monopoly and SimCity. This will help in improving the features of the Adroverse battle arena, while simultaneously rewarding the users with tokens and other economic benefits.

As for the in-game rewards, other than a chance to win some of the NFTs that are going to be created for the Adroverse arena, the company is also developing its own token launch. The Adroverse token will help in governing the in-game rewards system while being used as a governance token for the entire multi-blockchain functionality.

Adroverse token

The Adroverse token or ADR is the metaverse’s local token that is going to help organise the in-game economics. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, ADR is going to be listed on February 15, after which it will be available for the general public. The token’s maximum supply will be 1 billion, while the initial launch will release just 17 million. The remaining supply is expected to be released in the following three months.

If you are interested in purchasing ADR, you can do so for just $0.2, meaning the market cap for the ADR token is set at $20 million. The GameFi community will be very excited for the release of the token, and once the NFT and 3D components have been successfully integrated into the Adroverse, we could expect a huge rise in the price of the token.



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