Books of Ye NFT: Unusual NFT Collection featuring Kanye West

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3 min readJan 30, 2022


Kanye West is a controversial figure, and most things he does always get a lot of attention and this upcoming Ye affiliated NFT collection is no different.

Kanye West: A mad genius?

Born in 1977, West is an American fashion designer, rapper, producer, and creator who successfully leveraged his career as a producer in the 1990s into a solo artist beginning in the early 2000s.

Over the last few years, Ye, as he is now legally known, has made a name for himself; he is as well-known for his musical genius for his random and unpredictable anecdotes. Ye doesn’t like to do anything quietly, so all his NFT movements have been breaking news.

After conquering the world of music production, Ye moved his focus to performing, and after leaving his mark as one of the greatest to ever do it, he’s now making waves in the world of fashion and NFTs.

Books of Ye: Religion meets Art

We’re weeks away from welcoming a new anonymous NFT Collection that features Kanye West, and the collection is known as “The Books of Ye.” Avid Kanye fans may remember that a similar project dropped in 2015 titled the “Books of Yeezus,” In this project, every citation of God in the Holy Bible was replaced with Kanye West’s name.

If you’re interested in this NFT collection, it will comprise five one-of-a-kind books, and each book will contain hand-created illustrations representing essential scenes from the Holy Bible. The images will be available as 100 NFTs in the form of 3D cards, and these cards will be available in four different colors.

If you’re interested, you can reserve one of the 100 cards available for 4 ETH, and as at the time of creating this piece, four cards have been reserved.

Anonymity Helps Create Interest

One thing that has become apparent in the world of NFTs is that people love anonymity. The only thing more exciting than your favorite celebrity dropping an NFT collection is for an anonymous collective to drop a collection.

The folks behind Books of Ye understand this fact; that’s why if you take a deep look at this project, you’ll realize that Kanye West has little to no involvement with it, and the people behind this project are” unknown” — at least for now.

Social Commentary

The makers of the Book of Yeezus are offering the Books of Ye as their latest social commentary, and according to the team, it is the first-ever piece of conceptual art to be rendered as an NFT. The Books of Ye are crafted by an excellent team of 2D and 3D creative coders and artists.



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