Emerging Music Artists Partner with Budweiser on New NFT Collection

Budweiser is one of the many companies that are active within and excited about the world of NFTs; they recently partnered with upcoming music artists to release a fresh NFT collection.

Budweiser: Welcome to the Budverse

Budweiser is one of the most recognizable beer brands worldwide, and millions of people enjoy a can or bottle of Budweiser daily. One of the attributes that have made this company stand out from the competition is its commitment to innovation.

It might seem weird to witness how vigorously a beer company is embracing the world and possibilities of NFTs. The upcoming collaboration with emerging music stars is not Budweiser’s first NFT offering, they launched their first NFT drop in late November, and it sold out like hotcakes.

Building on previous success, this company recently announced its upcoming NFT project called Budweiser Royalty. Budweiser is partnering with 22 upcoming musicians to release a collection of NFTs. This collection will feature a total of 11,000 NFTs.

If you want to become a member of the Budverse while also supporting your favourite artist, this NFT collection might be the one for you.

Budweiser Royalty

Are you interested in getting your hands on the #BudweiserRoyalty? It’s launching on January 21st, and owning one of these NFTs allows you to unlock exclusive experiences in the Budverse while directly supporting budding artists.


Budweiser X VaynerNFT

Budweiser will be releasing this NFT collection with the help of VaynerNFT, and the Budweiser Royalty collection will feature 500 NFTs, each of the 22 artists taking part in this launch. The Budweiser Royalty NFT will sell for $499, and this price includes $75 in gas fees; this also means that you get the opportunity to mint a randomly assigned NFT in one of their three available tiers.

If you mint a CORE tier NFT, you’ll be able to represent your rising star and celebrate your fandom. In contrast, if you mint a RARE tier NFT, you can access virtual listening parties on Discord hosted by your corresponding artist. If you’re among the lucky folks to mint an ULTRA RARE tier NFT, you gain access to future rare NFT benefits and a video call with your corresponding artist.

Music and Beer

One of the most amazing things about NFTs is that they transcend culture and industries; just a few years ago, the idea of interacting and supporting upcoming artists through a “token” offered by one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world was unfathomable, now it’s our reality.


It’ll be exciting to see how the world reacts to this new offering from Budweiser when it drops on January 21st.



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