Hedera Hashgraph: Price Analysis for 2022

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3 min readFeb 20, 2022
Hedera Hashgraph: Price Analysis for 2022

Hedera Hashgraph opened 2021 at $0.031, as per CoinGecko. The token then started gaining traction and climbed up to $0.301 in May.

By September, HBAR tokens were priced at $0.252, recording a slight decline. However, the coin then added a bit more value and ended the year at $0.299.

What can we expect from HBAR in 2022?

Let’s find out in our Hashgraph price analysis.

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hashgraph from Hedera is a form of a distributed ledger like blockchain. However, it is an alternative technology that aims to provide more benefits and speed.

Developers can build decentralized or autonomous applications based on Hashgraph. It is owned and governed by top names in the industry, like IBM, Google, and Ubisoft.


What is the HBAR Token?

HBAR is the native token of the Hashgraph platform. It helps to secure the platform and fuel its operations.

Additionally, HBAR tokens allow developers to pay for charges on the network. They also facilitate the validating of transactions on the protocol.

HBAR Price Analysis for 2022

HBAR is currently selling at $0.266, as per CoinGecko. The token lost 2.2% of its value since the beginning of 2022. However, it also recovered and added 20% to its price in the past fourteen days. HBAR has also gained 20.8% in the past week and in the last 24 hours.

Will the increase in price continue in the coming months?

As per Wallet Investor, they believe HBAR may be trading at $0.075 in May 2022. Additionally, they think the highest and lowest prices could be $0.124 and $0.027 respectively. By September, the token could lose more value to stand at $0.012 or for a maximum and minimum of $0.018 and $0.006 respectively. Wallet Investor also thinks HBAR will end 2022 at $0.018 and they predict the highest and lowest prices to be $0.027 and $0.009 respectively.

Now, let’s find out what TechNewsLeader has to say. They think HBAR may reach a price of $0.40 by May 2022 and they forecast the maximum and minimum prices to be $0.38 and $0.43 respectively. By September, they predict HBAR to increase in value to $0.43 and they also feel the coin may sell for a highest of $0.50 or a lowest of $0.42. By the end of the year, TechNewsLeader thinks HBAR may decline to $0.48 and that the token may achieve a maximum of $0.57 or a minimum of $0.46 in price.

Lastly, we will check out the forecasts of PricePrediction. They feel the coin may sell at $0.40 in May and climb up to $0.46 in September 2022. Additionally, they predict HBAR to rise in value and end the year at $0.49. However, the highest and lowest prices could also be $0.58 and $0.48 respectively.

Final Thoughts

There are mixed predictions about HBAR for 2022. The coin may increase in prices as most predictions forecast. However, the value can also dip as crypto prices are volatile. Therefore, research the latest prices and market trends to invest wisely and lower your risks.