Invisible Friends NFTs: Everything You Need To Know

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4 min readApr 26, 2022
Invisible Friends NFTs: Everything You Need To Know

The NFT market has been growing for the last 12 months. Since 2021 to be precise, the industry has grown and has generated a lot of money for NFT art creators. Celebrities and many other personalities today are ready to splash a lot of money on NFTs once they like the idea around the NFT.

For those who don’t know what NFTs are yet, they are non-fungible tokens that come both in 2D and 3D with unique signatures that make it impossible for them to be duplicated on the blockchain. NFTs have been around since 2014, but the market blew up in 2021 when people started to gain interest in them. Invisible Friends NFTs are an example of one of these successful NFT drops which launched in February 2022.
What Is the Invisible Friends NFT Collection?
Invisible Friends NFTs is an Ethereum based non-fungible token (NFT) that was created by Markus Magnusson and is part of the Random Character Collective (RCC) initiative. This NFT was one of the most anticipated NFTs that has been launched thanks to the huge marketing and advertising of this NFT which brought together a strong community, with over 400k Twitter followers and counting.

Invisible Friends NFTs holds a collection of about 5,000 animated NFTs, and according to the creator of these NFTs Markus Magnusson, he said:

“It’s for people who are still kids at heart. People who just wanna have a bit of fun on the internet. Just the very easy-going type of person that has a good taste in art”

Those are the words that he used to describe his potential customers that will purchase the NFT, and it seems like everyone is a kid at heart since the NFTs are sold out.

The Invisible Friends NFT Collection came with a unique, novel art design and a mint price of about 0.25 Ethereum, and those enabled it to gain acceptance and sell out. On the first day of selling, this NFT had a floor price of 15 ETH, with a sales volume of about $6.8 million according to the report of Cryptoslam. This NFT became one of the most sold-out NFTs in history after it racked up almost $31.3 million in sales within seven days it was launched.

It is also important to note that this NFT project does not have a road map listed on its website. Invisible Friends NFTs whitelist is not available on their official website, but other NFT projects usually make use of the road map to share the plans they have concerning the NFT with its community or users.

The Invisible Friends NFTs Community

The main reason why the Invisible Friends NFT project was a success was that it had a strong community that backed it up and was pushing the project forward. Some of the community members of this NFT are on the Random Character Collective Discord server which has over 300 000 users. They also enjoy an engaging community fanbase within their discord group.

Invisible Friends NFTs Collection also has a very strong community base on Twitter, and this is one of the ways that a lot of people got to know about the NFT project.

How To Purchase an Invisible Friends NFT
Interested in owning some? Well, getting your hands on Invisible Friends NFTs is very simple and for new users in the NFT market, these are steps to follow:

Have Enough Ether Available:

Most of the NFTs in the market are Ethereum based and Invisible Friends NFT Collection is also Ethereum based. Depending on the amount or number of the NFTs that you need, purchase as many as possible, which can also cover the gas fees.

Get An Ethereum-Compatible Wallet Ready:

You Need to have a wallet ready to purchase an Invisible Friends NFT and it is in this wallet must be Ethereum compatible. You can make use of wallets like Metamask or Binance to store the Ether that you will use to buy the NFT.

Choose a Marketplace:

When purchasing an Invisible Friends NFT, make use of OpenSea to purchase, create an account with them and connect your wallet with the marketplace. When you have selected Invisible Friends NFT, the amount of money it costs will be devoted from your wallet and then you become the NFT owner. Note that you can buy an NFT through auction, or purchase directly without having to bid.

Are the Invisible Friends NFTs Worth Buying?
Invisible Friends NFT has some of the things that indicate that it is a good digital asset to invest in. The first thing is that the NFT is part of Random Character Collective (RCC), and past projects that have been launched under Random Character Collective (RCC) have been successful. The NFT also has a strong community that hypes and pushes the project forward. This NFT also sold out when it was put up for sale, making up to $31.3 million within the first seven days. The only drawback that this NFT has is that the long-term value is uncertain since it doesn’t have a road map to show the public its plans.

Invisible Friends NFTs is one of the numerous NFTs that are under the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of 5,000 animated NFTs that is under the Random Character Collective (RCC). Its success is greatly attributed to the fact that it has cool artworks as well as a lively and supportive community.