Is It a Good Idea to Invest in LUN?

Crypto projects sometimes turn out to be quite innovative and Lunyr is one of these examples, which is currently looking to disrupt the world of wikis. The project also comes with its native token that you can buy right now.

However, can Lunyr investments bring due returns?

Let’s explore today’s price analysis.

What is Lunyr?

Lunyr is a decentralized knowledge base that uses the Ethereum blockchain; It will be like wikis you find on the web, but without any intermediary — It is decentralized, which means the platform works automatically using blockchain technology.

The company rewards users with tokens to verify and add information. It aims to create an online encyclopedia that developers can connect with an API. An API is a technique to connect an app with another service, like a payment gateway.

Therefore, the platform will help in the creation of unique apps in the future as it will be able to power many decentralized apps based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Additionally, Lunyr aims to make information more accurate; it also wants to eliminate unnecessary censorship and give more freedom to the people. Most importantly, Lunyr wants its platform to be a source of reliable information on the internet.



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