Qtum Price Analysis for 2022

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3 min readFeb 14, 2022
Qtum Price Analysis for 2022

Qtum is one of the most talked-about projects in the crypto world. The tokens of the project, QTUM, also performed well in 2021. As per Capital.com, QTUM gained more than 300% since the beginning of the year.

However, the tokens declined in value during the last months of 2021. The price of QTUM also went down to $5 but bounced back to $8.86 on December 31, according to CoinGecko.

How will QTUM perform in 2022?

Let’s explore.

What is Qtum?

Qtum is a public blockchain that brings together the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. The platform is highly secure and able to process transactions quickly.

As a result, businesses can build crypto financial apps using the Qtum protocol.

What is the QTUM Token?

QTUM is the native token of the Qtum platform. It is used to pay fees, charges, and incentives to stakeholders.

Additionally, QTUM holders get the right to vote in the governance of the platform.


QTUM Price Analysis for 2022

QTUM tokens are currently selling at $5.95, as per CoinGecko. By May, the coin could climb to $7.10 and even reach $7.62, as per predictions from PricePrediction. Additionally, they predict the minimum price to be $6.85. During September, QTUM may gain in value and sell for $8.07. PricePrediction thinks the highest and lowest prices would hover around $8.95 and $7.82 respectively. They also forecast QTUM to end 2022 at $8.73, while the minimum could be $8.42 and the highest around $10.12.

Now, let’s check out what Gov Capital has to say. They feel QTUM may gain to reach $8.58 by May, while it could sell at a lowest of $7.29 and highest of $9.86. However, prices may fall to $7.41 during September and attain a maximum of $8.52 or a minimum of $6.30. Gov Capital predicts QTUM to lose value in the coming days and fall to $7.22 in December 2022. However, they think the coin may also reach the highest price of $8.31 and the lowest of $6.14.

Next, we will take a look at what Wallet Investor has to say. They feel QTUM could surge in value and stand at $9.56 in May 2022. Additionally, the maximum and lowest price could be $17.42 and $1.34 respectively. Wallet Investor believes the downward trend may continue well into September and make QTUM sell at $6.30. However, the token may attain the highest price of $14.59 and the lowest of $ 0.000001. In December, they predict the price of QTUM to decline further to $6.20. In addition, the token could end up at the highest price of $14.85 or the lowest of $ 0.000001. However, Wallet Investor still considers QTUM an “awesome” option to invest for one year.

Final Thoughts

Qtum is a worthy project that could attract interest from businesses. All predictions indicate the token may gain value to end 2022 in a better position. However, the prices can change without notice as cryptocurrencies are volatile. So, study the market and do your homework before you invest.