Quant Price Analysis and Predictions for 2022

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3 min readFeb 9, 2022
Quant Price Analysis and Predictions for 2022

The price of most cryptocurrencies has gone down in the recent past. Therefore, it is a great time to buy potential coins at affordable prices for future returns.

The name Quant has been coming up in this respect among crypto circles. Many investors are wondering, will Quant have a good 2022?

Let’s dive into a sound Quant price analysis for 2022 to get informed.

What is Quant?

Quant is kind of an operating system for blockchains. It connects different types of blockchains to facilitate trading and the flow of information.

Therefore, businesses and apps will be able to enjoy a higher degree of interoperability. Additionally, developers can create an application for one blockchain and target the users of others.

As a result, Quant is gaining a lot of attention from around the globe.


What is the QNT Token?

QNT serves as the native token on the Quant Platform. It allows users to get access to apps and services on the Quant network.

Additionally, QNT is an Ethereum token regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. It falls in the category of utility tokens that are meant to serve specific functions.

QNT tokens are available for sale in various cryptocurrency exchanges.

QNT Price Analysis for 2022

QNT is ranked 80 among all crypto coins and currently trading at $91.95. It had a good performance in 2021, opening the markets at $11.68 on January 1. Within May, the price of QNT climbed to $40.92. Next, the price soared to $186.60 on the first few days of September. The token even reached an all-time high of $427.42 on September 11. By the end of the year, QNT was selling at $178.33.

However, the token started to dip in value following the crash in the crypto market. It recorded a decline of 48.5% in value in the last 30 days. Thankfully, the prices are recovering slowly.

As per PricePrediction, QNT may stand at $116.63 by May 2022. By September, they feel the token’s value could surge to $127.48. When the year ends, QNT may be priced high at $136. Along with that, they think the maximum price could be $164.90, while the lowest may be 132.70.

Digitalcoin predicts QNT may reach $117 by May 2022. In September, they think the token may list for $136.15. However, by the end of the year, QNT’s price could go down to $118.13. Additionally, the change in price may range between 27.99 % and 48.23%, as per Digitalcoin.

Wallet Investor has a highly positive outlook for Quant. It predicts the price of the coin may reach $150.78 by May 2022. In September, they feel you may be buying QNT for 255.80. They also feel the value may increase more and peak at $295.62 at the end of the year. In addition, the maximum and minimum prices might be $342.19 and $249.95 respectively, as per Wallet Investor. Best of all, Wallet Investor thinks QNT is an “awesome” long-term investment.

Quant seems to be a potential crypto coin for 2022. It also grew by 198.9% in the last 365 days. Additionally, QNT has a return on investment (ROI) of 1,468.4%, according to CoinGecko. Moreover, the all-time low was way back in 2018.

Therefore, QNT is likely to increase in price in the current year. The adoption of the project by businesses might also impact the value of the token positively.

Final Thoughts

Quant is now selling around $92 and predictions indicate a good year for the coin. So, the value of QNT can surge this year and beyond. However, cryptocurrencies can increase or dip in price within a short time. The market can turn volatile and predictions may not always come true. Therefore, research the market and prices to make a sound decision.