Solana Price Prediction: 2022

Solana is a cryptocurrency currently holding second place in the top 100 gainers of the year. It has shown almost a 72% increase in value within a week. What more does Solana have in store this year?

Solana: A Cryptocurrency Miracle

Solana started as a company wanting to provide cost-effective and efficient transaction solutions for blockchains or cryptocurrency companies, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and others.

The operator’s efficiency was proven beyond doubt when it was put to use. This helped investors build trust in the company and its goals and also led to an increase in the value of the Solana coin in many ways.

Price Predictions

To predict the future of the currency, we need to take a deeper look at the past trends of the coin.

Solana started out priced at around $1. This value remained almost the same until the latter half of July 2020.

Post-July 2020 the price went up to around $4 and the growth curve remained flat, until January of this year when it crossed a $40 mark.

There are different opinions of experts on the analysis of Solana as a cryptocurrency.

The Reddit community thinks that Solana may grow depending on its movement and fundamentals. They predict for its price to go up to about $65 by the end of the year.

Coin price forecast made a bold statement that solana has a promising future and although there is a drop in the value currently, it’ll come back strong. They predict that the value will reach as high as $199 by the end of 2021.

Long forecast NEO predictions concluded that the coin could reach around $106 by the end of the year.

GOV capital, similarly to NEO, predicted that the coin could reach a value of around $103.

Wallet Investor predicts that with a 5-year investment, users can expect to gain over +1300%”

Digital coin predicts that the value of the coin, going by the bull-like nature of its growth in the market, can be expected to trade at $60 by the end of this year. Additionally, the coin may reach $120 by 2026.

With all these analyses we can expect good growth in the value of the coin and by the end of the year, the value of the coin can be expected to be anywhere between $90-$199.

Solana’s performance has nevertheless been promising in the long run, such as the 5-year reference for 2026 given by wallet investor’s predictions.

Irrespective of Solana’s growth continuing as fast as it is, at the moment, or it not doing as well in the immediate future; it remains a good crypto to invest in.

Over the next 10 years, its value is bound to increase, either gradually or by leaps and bounds.



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