The Plight Of Gen Z Initiatives And What Is Being Done About It

The Plight Of Gen Z Initiatives And What Is Being Done About It

For the longest time, have struggled in terms of gaining both the recognition and respect that they deserve in exchange for their hard work and witty contribution to the world today. Whereas NFTs have helped a lot on this front with a lot of teen emerging in the last year, the problem still persists and many are therefore looking towards viable projects that help them in this regard. One such project is the Young Bosses.

Who The Young Bosses Are

In a world where most GenZ are seen as incapable and immature, there has been a huge shift in the last half decade with lots of Gen Z doing amazing feats. This show of true strength and incredible ownership is what Young Bosses seeks to promote.

Young Bosses may be understood as a Gen Z community launchpad which is powered by Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum. In essence, the project aims towards helping Gen Z led startups and initiatives in terms of being able to provide funding to them via the utilization of certain benefits which the project offers.

is therefore responsible for community engagement, recognition as well as funding any and all new viable Gen Z projects, in addition to providing incentives and rewards.

The Young Bosses NFT

The Young Bosses team is accelerating its entrant by launching a youth appealing 11,500 uniquely hand-drawn NFTs. NFT has been huge in the last year with a lot of Gen Z making tons of millions from its acquisition and trading according to .

The Young Bosses NFTs are intriguingly unique, representing real inspiring teens and other trailblazers that positively impact our world! Imagine owning a NFT piece, now that’s beyond incredible.

In addition to the art features of these NFTs, they are more than just collectibles. They unlock membership opportunities, rewards plus passive income and investment opportunities into startups.

What makes This Project Special?

Well for starters, Everything! The Young Bosses project is so professional and well thought out you’d expect such a level of output from experts with decades of experience.

The project is special in a lot of ways with entertainment, blockchain, wealth creation and social inclusion at the heart of it as we’ll see soon.


Do you know that when you mint your very own ‘Young Boss’, it has no other like it? The system’s algorithm mixes and matches over 180 different features to create your very own one-of-a-kind character.

Robust Liquidity Pool:

With the project goal, every NFT sale adds to a community-led, investment fund pool for supporting GenZ startups. At complete NFT sell-out, the community would have raised over $1 Million in revenue for investment and development purposes.

State of the Art Designs:

The Young Bosses NFT art works were curated by some of the world’s best Gen Z art designers in the world.

Long Term Vision:

The numerous use cases attached to the Young Bosses project makes it attractive as a long term project to be a part of. It offers more value in members staying and building the community like a perfect DAO. This attracts diamond hands mainly and reduces short term NFT Flippers which is great for long term growth.

Ownership Structure:

As an NFT investor and enthusiast, It is well and good to be able to make a profit from its trade. However, what is best needed to invest in is a token that will empower its holders to impact important decisions which can affect their lives. In this case, Young Boss NFT holders will be able to make decisions such as which startups to receive funding from the treasury.

How The Project Makes Money?

Most projects fail because they want to make money alone or manage a project successfully from a one time collection sellout. Young Bosses on the other hand has a wide array of earning and token value appreciation systems. This opens up multi channels to generate wealth and exponential value to its NFT holders.

Firstly would be an e-commerce venture. The team promises to create specially designed Young Bosses merchandise from t-shirts to hoodies for sale. These will be available on the community shop, with free drops to community members.

Another system is the update that some of the NFTs will serve as passive income generating tokens. This simply implies that by holding these NFTs, you will receive a percentage of the royalties for the full collections sales each month, wow.

Startup Ownership is the signature proposition of Young Bosses. In joining the project, you’ll be supporting and investing in GenZ startups around the world early enough. Imagine getting into Tesla or Coca Cola from the very start? As its name sounds, the Young Bosses project will mint a lot of GenZ bosses along its journey.

With all these value propositions, NFT Flipping for profits is a possible yield source as many will pay high to get access into the community with profound success and flair. It will attract investors, founders as well as the GenZ social community. Really, who wouldn’t do anything to be a part of such a buzz.

Young Bosses Team?

The Young Bosses Team is made up of an anonymous pack of world class GenZ Brains seeing this project to fruition, just like the founders.

Find the Bosses .

Partnerships and future plans

In order to continuously help out Gen Z enterprises on a long-term basis, any project would need to set up partnerships and structures. Young Bosses is hence also constantly striving to establish collaborations and expand utility.

While the majority of its partnership announcements will take place in the future, the project has nonetheless secured collaborations with GenZ social entrepreneur , Social Entrepreneur & Founder , a 3x TEDxTalks speaker, 7x Model for United Nations, member Google Z-Council, Oracle for Startups, Microsoft Surface Influencer and Forbes.

Regarding plans and short term roadmap, the most immediate goals would appear to be the initial project presale. The first phase will be kicking off between 1- 5 March 2022 at which only 25% of the NFT collections will be available to whitelist members with more influencer announcements.

To learn more about the whitelist and presales, join the discord .

2022’s goals for the project are also quite ambitious, with events such as the announcement upcoming when 100% of the NFTs are sold out. In the end, this project would in all likelihood be able to benefit Gen Z founders and community immensely for those who key in early into the project.

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