The Top Crypto-Friendly Banks

The Coin Times
5 min readDec 11, 2021


Wasn’t cryptocurrency introduced to replace the highly centralized fiat currency and reduce the interference of banks? Yes, it was and still is. Cryptocurrency is a reliable and trustless alternative to traditional fiat money. However, fiat money is not going anywhere for the time being.

Cryptocurrency has continued to utilize the existing banking structure for its transactions. Before you can buy a crypto asset, you need access to your debit cards and credit cards or a wireless transaction.

However, with the rise of crypto investors, banks have perceived digital currencies as a big threat to the finance industry. Due to the strict regulatory policies of the United States Security Exchange Commission, making cryptocurrency transactions via your credit or debit card has not been hitch-free. The crypto industry needs crypto-friendly banks that accept cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange now more than ever. These banks offer lower transaction fees and integrate cryptocurrency and traditional bank operations for easy transactions.

Here is our list of the top crypto-friendly banks with their distinct features and website links:

Fidor Bank

Fidor is a banking platform that allows accounts that accept crypto exchanges. This bank is crypto-friendly because it allows the purchase and trading of crypto. Customers are also protected during transactions. It is also user-friendly because it provides customized tools to enhance easy transactions. Fidor is a licensed banking platform that is only available to European citizens.

Creating a new account takes time because it requires complex verification of your identity.


  • Quick fund transfers to other users
  • Offers instant transfers and withdrawals from platforms like Kraken and
  • Users have access to two free withdrawals in a month
  • Charges lower transaction fees. There is a fixed 1.5% fee for debit card transactions
  • Offers seamless transactions with multiple exchanges.


Wirex is another crypto-friendly bank that has made its way to our top list because of its distinct features. It allows you to exchange your fiat currencies or digital currencies on their website or through the app. Customers are offered unlimited access to the live OTC, interbank rates for fiat money. They provide users with Mastercard and Visa cards. It is a global account open to users around the globe.

Wirex allows you to buy, store and exchange both digital and traditional currencies without restraint. With the Mastercard, you can enjoy borderless transactions and convert 21 currencies both fiat and cryptocurrency.


  • Offers borderless transaction without restraints
  • Buy, store, and trade your cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, ETH, and LTC) and traditional currencies (USD, EUR, and GBP).
  • Fast conversion of 21 traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies all around the world.
  • Exchange funds from your account and receive payments for free using SWIFT/SEPA/Faster Payments.
  • Offers OTC rates and live interbank rates.
  • Tracks payments and modify your account


While Revolut has limited access since it can only be used in the UK and other European states, it offers crypto-friendly policies. It allows you to make crypto transactions if you make use of their bank account. They provide inbuilt functionalities that allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. You can make trading decisions based on your needs by choosing from the three accounts they provide. There are Standard, Premium, and Metal accounts. Revolut has simple interfaces and it supports over 30 cryptocurrencies.

However, your account could be frozen for security reasons and exchanges can be quite high.


  • Fully licensed bank
  • Helps you buy cryptocurrencies
  • Offers different services from payment to transfer without hassle
  • Encourages smart budgeting
  • Offers unlimited free withdrawals at in-network ATMs


Changeinvest is a crypto trading bank that offers friendly benefits to crypto users. It allows customers to save a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ETH, and XRP. It is simple to use and is now licensed. It has a simple user interface and the app can be accessed on the IOS and Android app. Unfortunately, it is only available in European countries.


  • Easy user interface.
  • It has been proven credible by trusted investors, public officials, and business leaders.
  • It provides seamless inbuilt cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Fully licensed.
  • You can trade cryptocurrencies without commission.


Nuri is another top crypto-friendly bank that allows crypto traders and investors to trade cryptocurrencies and make investments. You can make a wide range of transactions through a single account and that includes storing, making purchases, and investing. Based in Germany, Nuri is only available in Europe and it only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nuri provides fixed deposit accounts and encourages easy investment in cryptocurrencies.


  • It allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies through your single account
  • You can store, transfer, and make payments
  • Accepts deposit
  • Provides banking solutions in support of crypto

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

USAA is a Texas-based financial company primarily for US military citizens. Civilians have also been given access to create banking accounts. It has invested in Coinbase and allows users to access their Coinbase Bitcoin account through their USAA account. It is credible because it allows users to monitor their transactions and check their balances. You can also track every activity on your Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase.

USAA is insured which makes it highly secured and users’ information is protected.


  • This bank allows you to track your wallet and monitor your transactions on Coinbase
  • It is insured and secured
  • It offers commission-free withdrawals
  • USAA interacts with Coinbase and is easily accessible


Ally is another bank that has integrated cryptocurrency as part of its banking services. This is in the United States and provides 24/7 operation. Users can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies by using Coinbase. Since you will have to make transfers for deposits on your Coinbase, Ally allows you to send funds to exchanges to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


  • Integrates crypto exchanges functionalities
  • There is no monthly fees or minimum deposits
  • You can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies

Barclays Bank

Barclays is a UK-based investment bank that is available in several countries in the world. They provide services in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Barclays enhances transactions between customers by serving as a supportive stance on cryptocurrencies. Credit cards and debit cards are available for customers to trade in cryptocurrency. Barclays is safe and it provides a secure environment for users to transact without hassle. There are no free mobile apps.


  • Lower transaction fees after the first six months
  • Provides their clients with a safe and secure environment to conduct transactions.
  • Users are given credit cards and debit cards which can be used to purchase cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset which makes it a threat to banks. The lack of strict regulatory policies has also made it difficult for banks to allow crypto transactions. However, with the emergence of crypto-friendly banks, users can trade and purchase cryptocurrencies without restrictions.