Top Low-Cost Cryptocurrencies To Add To Your Portfolio in 2022

Top Low-Cost Cryptocurrencies To Add To Your Portfolio in 2022

2021 was a very exciting year for cryptocurrencies as some investors smiled at the bank as a result of the massive gains that were achieved by these cryptocurrencies in the year, reaching new highs that had previously never been seen.

While we are glad that all of this took place in 2021, we are now shifting our focus to the New Year and are hoping this year brings even more rewards in terms of crypto gains than it did last year.

For the time being, there are some low-cost cryptocurrencies you can add to your crypto portfolio if you want to expand your portfolio. These coins have shown signs of growth, and who knows, one of them might end up setting new records this year.

To find out more about their price history, data charts, and current trends, head on over to CoinMarketCap which will provide all of these and more in detail.

Moving on, follow me as I show you some low-cost cryptocurrencies you can add to your portfolio in 2022:


Dogecoin was created in 2013 and is modelled after the image of a dog. This coin in particular witnessed a series of price highs back in 2021 as a result of a series of tweets by Elon Musk, who is a major fan of the cryptocurrency.

His tweets that promoted the coin included Tesla’s plan to accept it as a means of payment. A move that convinced investors to massively buy the cryptocurrency. This action resulted in a price increase of Dogecoin by 20% in April 2021.

Currently, the crypto is at a low as it is currently trading at $0.1447 at the time of writing, which means you can easily afford to add it to your portfolio without batting an eyelid as its price might soar, especially when the crypto market picks up.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a new cryptocurrency that came into existence in 2013 to compete with Dogecoin.

The crypto has gone ahead to become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the crypto market as it has recorded impressive gains, with its price now far more than what it was when it was launched.

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is worth $0.00002151 with a market cap of over $11 billion. This means that you can buy over 2 million Shiba Inu coins with just $50, which would be a good investment when the price picks up.


Tron is another cryptocurrency worth adding to your crypto portfolio in 2022. This cryptocurrency, which came into existence in 2018, has been touted by many to be a major competitor to Ethereum in terms of smart contracts.

Many investors also claim that its network has a higher performance than that of Ethereum, as it is faster, more scalable, and has lower transaction fees.

The price of Tron at the time of writing is 0.06016, which means you can easily afford to get your hands on some without having to worry too much.


XRP is a cryptocurrency with a market cap of $29.8 billion, and one that you should add to your crypto portfolio this year.

The coin was created in 2012 by Ripple (the technology responsible for its transactions) and is a favourite of many crypto investors, largely because of how it is utilized by a lot of banks.

Though Ripple is currently in a legal brawl with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, XRP is still in demand with banks using it to reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct international transfers.

The price of XRP, as at the time of writing, is 0.626, and with it being less than a dollar, it is just the perfect low-cost crypto to get your hands on.


Stellar is an excellent cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio, not just because of its price but because of its main motive, which is to provide a strategy for those who do not have access to banks to engage in international transfers without the need to pay exorbitant fees.

It makes this possible with the use of blockchain technology, which is a framework upon which the basis of cryptocurrencies exists.

The price of Stellar, as at the time of writing, is $0.2019 and just like other low-cost cryptocurrencies on this list, it is quite affordable and you can add it to your crypto portfolio as the price will surely rise when the crypto market recovers.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the newest cryptocurrency on this list. It is currently working towards providing a means through which people can access decentralized and secure lottery games.

Due to its flexibility, Lucky Block can be used to buy tickets, and its developers pay dividends to their token holders irrespective of whether they win or not.

What this means is that you will automatically begin receiving dividends once you purchase this cryptocurrency, irrespective of whether you play and win the lottery games or not.

This is one amazing feature that has attracted a lot of investors to it even though it was only recently created.

At the time of writing, it is currently trading at $0.001476, which makes it all the more enticing since you don’t need to put in a lot of funds before you can begin reaping considerable profits from it.

Decentraland (MANA)

This token offers a 3D gaming world where its users can buy real estate and then sell it in popular marketplaces in exchange for its native cryptocurrency, known as MANA.

Other items have also been sold on Decentraland, with some of them going for over $1 million, which is why investors have included it in their crypto holdings, and why it remains an attractive cryptocurrency till today.

The price of Decentraland, as at the time of writing, is $2.70, which is the only cryptocurrency with a price above $1 on this list. Nonetheless, it is still worth adding to your crypto portfolio.



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