Transhuman Coin: Everything You Need To Know

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4 min readFeb 7, 2022


Transhuman Coin: Everything You Need To Know

No day passes without getting surprises from the Cryptocurrency world. Undoubtedly, blockchain technology is one of the groundbreaking technologies that has imprinted its name in the annals of men, and I am sure nobody will ever forget in a hurry, from improving financial policies, hastening up transaction processes, and eliminating the middleman. It seeks to increase the longevity of humans through the Transhuman coin. The digital token was co-founded by Charles Awuzie, a cyber security expert (Nigeria), and Peter Xing, a Transhumanist (Australia). It aims to combat life-threatening diseases and ageing through artificial intelligence and Biotechnology.

Could this be true?

Understanding the Transhuman Coin(THC)

The Transhuman coin runs on blockchain technology. It comes after years of thorough and challenging research. It seeks to answer unsolved medical conditions that have ravaged man for a long time and possibly, solve man’s biggest fear, death. With over 7000 cryptocurrencies globally, the Transhuman coin sits in a class of its own. It shouldn’t be confused with other cryptographic money as its sole purpose is to become the powerhouse for future medical research. So, when you invest in the transhuman coin, you promote a giant course to preserve humanity.

To get the big picture of the Transhuman coin(THC), we must first understand

What is Transhumanism? and

Who are Transhumanists?

Transhumanism is an intellectual, philosophical, and social movement that champions the course for improving humanity by designing and producing advanced technologies capable of increasing longevity, cognitive abilities, moods. Additionally, they study emerging technologies to check for dangers to society. Some sects even believe that they would modify their bodies through Scientific research and advancement in technologies and even conquer death. It’s no surprise that big cryptocurrency players like Elon Musk Zoltan Istvan are all Transhumanist. However, the Transhuman coin wasn’t their idea.

Meanwhile, Transhumanists believe that humans can transcend their natural state and life expectancy with technology. Today, so many projects by key players such as Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Google, and others, are ongoing to achieve it. But with the Transhuman coin, it is going to be faster.

Could the Transhuman Coin deliver this mandate?

Let’s see how the Research token would achieve its purpose.

Modus operandi of the Transhuman coin (THC)

For every transaction done, the tokenomics of the Transhuman Coin sends 2% of each to the Liquidity Pool and gives 2% to holders and the Transhuman Fund Wallet, and lastly,2% to the marketing wallet.

The founders of the research token have put the plan to harness the Metaverse spaces. They are building decentralized laboratories, thereby revolutionizing biotechnology.

Not only that but there is an underground plan to also build an Artificial intelligence Research Network in the Metaverse and name it Transhuman Research Network by 2023. It would help birth transformation in Regenerative medicine, Gene modification, Life Extension programs.

Investing in the Research token is way beyond buying cryptocurrency. It is investing in the preservation of the Human race.

Price prediction for TransHuman Coin(THC)

Since its launch, the value added to humanity has dramatically improved the Transhuman coin. It came on board on November 14, 2021. It started with $0.0006317 with a total supply cap of $7 billion and a market cap of $9,156,353.73. It has a trading volume of $18,884.71. One of the remarkable successes of the Transhuman coin was getting up to $16 million in market cap with a trading volume of $3 million in December 2021. Experts predict that the cryptocurrency will get up to $0.001 by 2022. It might not be profitable in the short term, but it is most rewarding if you can HODL for a long time.

If you are ready to buy and don’t know how to go about it, here are the steps.

The coin is available on




Binance Charity

CoinMarket Cap

Firstly download the trust wallet app and coin market cap app

Go to your trust wallet app and purchase BNB. Bear in mind that you would be swapping the BNB for the THC

Open the Cornmarket app, then search for Transhuman coin(THC).

You will see an analytic page. Click the icon close to Binance smart chain and copy the address you

Next, you open your trust wallet and click Pancake swap

Once it opens, you will be able to see the BNB you purchased

Then select Currency, then paste the link you copied from BNB

Click on import, and then you will be able to swap the BNB for THC

Frequently asked questions about the transhuman coin?

Is Transhuman coin legit?

Yes, it is. The Transhuman coin is on Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, Binance. These platforms have a track record of credibility. So, you can trust any cryptocurrency you find on it.

Is there profitability investing in it?

Now, profit in any genuine investment does yield immediately but after some time. But from current statistics, The Transhuman coin is promising. It might even hit $ 0.1 sooner than we expect. I advise investors to HOLD still. Major Cryptocurrency experienced a decline, but the Transhuman coin rose significantly.

How will the Transhuman coin help in real-life cases?

The vision behind this cryptocurrency is to improve humans. We strive to make Artificial intelligence the driving force in medical science. It will help diagnose disease faster and more accurately than ever. Patients would have better care and possibly find a solution to death.

Why should I invest in the Transhuman coin?

It gives you room to save a life while making wealth. We have made it possible for holders to burrow without spending their coins. For any investment, you do with the THC, know you are saving a life and joining multitudes to fight for longevity while making money.

In the age of technological advancement, anything is possible. The Transhuman coin is the tip of what is to come. If you are keen on investing, the time is now.