WAX Price Analysis for 2022

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3 min readFeb 13, 2022
WAX Price Analysis for 2022

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is an innovative name in the world of crypto projects. WAXP tokens are also highly popular and gained traction since their launch.

Additionally, the coin gained 712.2% in value in the past year, as per CoinGecko. WAXP has made this possible even when other cryptocurrencies were taking a hit.

Can we expect the same performance this year?

Here is a comprehensive WAX price analysis for 2022.

What is WAX?

WAX is a collection of tools, exchanges, and marketplaces to buy and sell crypto assets. It focuses on NFTs or non-fungible tokens that allow creators to build unique digital art and products.

Additionally, WAX comes with blockchain technology to facilitate the exchange of assets. Developers can use it to build and market video games, eBooks, movies, and more.


What is the WAXP Token?

WAXP is the utility token of the WAX platform. It allows users to buy and sell digital assets and NFTs. It also serves as the governance token, allowing coin holders to vote on the future course of WAX.

The platform also pays incentives and rewards in WAXP tokens.

WAXP Price Analysis for 2022

WAXP is presently priced at $0.34 and gained 14.4% in the last week, according to CoinGecko. However, the token has dipped by 26% since the beginning of 2022.

Would this trend continue in the coming days?

As per Gov Capital, WAXP could recover slowly to reach $0.52 in May 2022. Additionally, they predict the minimum price to be $0.44 and the maximum to be $0.60. This upward push in prices may continue and make WAXP climb up to $0.70 by September. However, Gov Capital thinks the token could even attain a highest of $0.80 and a lowest of $0.59. By the end of the year, they feel WAXP may surge to $0.95. Additionally, the minimum and maximum prices could be $0.80 and $1.09 respectively.

Now, let’s take a look at what PricePrediction has to say. They think WAXP could have a slow growth to climb to $0.39 in May 2022. In addition, the token may sell for a highest of $0.42 or a lowest of $0.37. Moreover, they predict WAXP to list at $0.44 in September, and for a maximum of $0.50 or a minimum of $0.42. PricePrediction also feels the token would end the year on a similar note priced at $0.49. Additionally, they feel the highest and lowest prices could be $0.56 and $0.47 respectively.

Next, we will explore what Wallet Investor has to say. They feel the token has potential and is a worthy consideration for one-year investments. They also predict the token to sell for $0.51 in May and $0.64 in September 2022. Additionally, in December, WAXP may trend at $0.82.

Final Thoughts

WAX is indeed a great crypto project to consider. All predictions indicate the price would increase in the coming months and reach approximately $0.50 in December 2022. However, the predictions can go wrong as the crypto market is highly volatile. So, make an informed choice and research before you invest.