Wonderland Time Staking: Price Prediction 2022

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3 min readJan 15, 2022


Thinking about investing in a recent crypto token that promises stellar returns? One of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the block right now is Wonderland (TIME).

It is a fork of the OlypusDao project, created by Danielle Sestagalli, who is also the brainchild behind Popsicle Finance and Abracadabra. This crypto was first made available for marketeers on 4th September 2021 on TraderJoe at a price of $750 approximately.

If you’re keen on buying this trending coin, you can head to TraderJoe, Hotbit, or Gate.io. You can head to these platforms and start trading Wonderland Time right away.


About the TIME Coin

The Wonderland platform released TIME cryptocurrency on the Avalanche network, the first Defi currency network. OlympusDAO, a popular platform on the Ethereum blockchain, is where Wonderland is a fork. It was created mainly to create a cryptocurrency-backed stable-coin protected by its own treasury. The Wonderland platform has two crypto-assets named TIME and MEMO.

The token TIME was launched in 2021 September. Wonderland’s team is primarily anonymous, so no one knows who exactly is behind it. However, many Reddit users often use Daniel Sesta, handling isolated lending platforms called ‘abracadabra.money’.

Abracadabra.money was founded by an Italian web developer who also founded Popsicle Finance. Daniele Siesta is considered an essential member of the DeFi space.

The market cap of Time Wonderland at present is $1.71B and is among the top upcoming crypto tokens apart from Bitcoin.

TIME Coin Price Prediction

Some experts predict Wonderland’s price will rise over $5,000 in 2022. If you invest in this coin, you will receive great returns over time.

In the short term, there seems to be some resistance because of a lacklustre crypto market. That might change soon though, as the new Omicron variant gets under control, and we can reasonably expect a return of over 100%-500% (if not more), this year.

Over the longer term — and possibly in the next five years — the coin may reach a high of over $50,000. That is significant if we see that the coin was priced at just over $500 even a few months ago.

The crypto coin is expected to give traders a positive return on investment as experts see a lot of potential in this coin. While it’s hard to predict the exact rise, Wonderland’s price will excite investors in the future.

TIME Coin Analysis

The market cap is at $596,264,456 in the last 24 hours with volume $139,481,248. It has reduced to -16.4% in the last 24 hours and is a downward trend for the previous 30 days. It can be traded on seven different exchanges, with the top three trading platforms being Trader.Joe, Gate.io, and Pangolin.

It has the highest volume trading pairs between MIM, AVAX, and USDT. The current circulating supply and total supply is 228,574. Its 24-hour trading volume is $139,507,817.

Should You Invest in TIME?

At present, TIME has 900 million dollars in its treasury, which is enough for every token. And the amount is growing. For every TIME token purchase, an amount gets added to the treasury.

Even if every investor sells the TIME money, the treasury has enough money to compensate for it. It is one of the most significant advantages of this coin compared to the rest, as others do not have a treasury or a backup.

The primary advantage of this is that even if TIME crashes, the price will remain the same and not fluctuate, mainly because the money in the treasury can be used to buy back.